What Is Personal Knowledge Management — and Why Should You Bother?

If you’re a content creator, a knowledge worker, or a life-long learner, then you’re probably consuming content every day.

Through various forms: Books, videos, or podcasts.

We all know that our brain is pretty bad at remembering things.
Thus, our ancestors used to write things down — and we still do.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) has gained a lot of popularity in the past years — and thanks to information overload, will continue to grow in the future.

What is it?
Glad you asked.

Here’s a simple definition of PKM:
PKM is a system about how we deal with information.

Want a little more details?
PKM is the process of collecting information to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve, cultivate, and share knowledge to produce better quality work.

PKM is a personal process.
It varies from person to person.
There is no “one size fits all” solution.

Because it depends on different factors: the type of content you consume, the tools you use, and the type of work you want to create.

But the goal of every PKM is the same:
Having a system make sense out of information.

This is especially important if you’re a content creator of knowledge worker and if your income is related to spreading information and ideas.

Just like a jockey has to take care of his horse, you’ll have to take care of information — which helps you make your daily bread.

Roughly speaking, PKM is a system that focuses on information input and output.

How you take in information (input) and how you transform it into something valuable (output).

Most of us take notes.

So there is not a shadow of a doubt that what we write down (aka our notes) plays the most important part in an effective PKM system.

I’ve been taking notes for years — and yet didn’t have a powerful PKM in place.

Because not everybody who’s taking notes has an effective PKM.

Most people (me included for way too many years) use their notes to simply store information. They take a note, unload their brain, and then go ahead with content consumption.

We are pretty good at putting things in our system.
But also pretty bad in making something out of it.

And this is why having an effective PKM is not something that you’ll start to do intuitively.

Following our intuition, we’re more into fear of losing information rather than in the excitement of creating something out of it.

Because I’ve been frustrated myself for so many years, my mission is not only help content creators create a PKM system that will allow them to capture, store, and organize their ideas.

No — it’s also setting up a creative process to use this information to produce better content.

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