This is why you don’t have enough time (& the solution to it)

Matt Giaro
4 min readJan 6, 2022

Most of us want to get more things done in less time.

I was one of those people, too.

And on paper, it makes sense.

But after being an entrepreneur for a decade,
I realized something that can literally drive your results to the moon while working less and without feeling overwhelmed constantly.
Probably not by tomorrow at 2:36 pm.
But in the following months and years.

Let’s start with a stone-cold fact:
We all have the same amount of hours per day: 24.
May we be the president of the United States
or a Tibetan monk living in the mountains.

Our time is finite.
And yet — most of us have plenty of time.

I am sure you have already experienced this feeling of getting your most important task done in the morning…
Feeling incredibly good about yourself,
and wondering what else you could do for the rest of the day?

This is the exact feeling I’m talking about.

Ironically, you’ve proved it to yourself:
The issue is not time.
The issue is utilizing it effectively.
Because it’s all about effectiveness.

Managing your time comes down to answering 2 simple questions:
- What should I do?
- When should I do it?

Stupid simple questions, right?
But answering them is though.

Let’s go deeper…

Answering: “What should I do?”
To answer the first question,
we have to identify the tasks that we are going to focus on.

It implies knowing what tasks will yield the highest return.

In other words, apply the 80/20 rule.
(Yeah, Pareto again!)

You have to cherry-pick tasks that are expected to give you the 80% of the results you want to achieve.
And letting go (gratefully and deliberately!) all the rest.

This requires “high-level strategic thinking”.

If you have 30 seconds in front of you:
— Would you rather follow someone on Twitter? (which probably leads to zero return)
— Or write a tweet? (that could potentially be retweeted, bring in new followers, and start meaningful conversations?)

If you have 30 minutes in front of you:
Should you script out a video that could drive new prospects,
Or “curating” social media to see what the latest trends are?

Everything in life has a cost of opportunity.

By doing something, you’re sacrificing something else.

Think of time as your belly:
When you pick chicken and the restaurant,
you’ve also deliberately chosen not to pick fish.

If you try to eat both, you probably end in emergencies.
Even if you’d like to.

What goes for your belly goes for your time.

We, as humans, are finite:
Our lifetime, our time, our willpower…

So by nature, we are constraint to make choices.

The thing is, how to make the right ones?

Knowing where you put your time is what most entrepreneurs struggle to get right.
Because there is no hierarchy that imposes you to do this or that.
You’re your own boss.
And you have to do everything: the thinking and the implementation.

After you’ve understood what really moves the needle,
and what really needs to be done,
now it’s time to fit those tasks into your day.

Answering : when to do it

You certainly played a game when you were much younger..
(Or bought this game for your kids if you have some.)

It’s a box with different geometric shapes.
The child has to push the shapes into the box through the right slot.

The same goes for your tasks.

Some tasks require a lot of focus (writing an article, creating a video..).
Those are your HQ tasks.

Others that don’t (checking your emails, reply to a DM…).
Those are your LQ tasks.

And as your energy varies around the day, so should your tasks.

You should not schedule your HQ tasks on LQ time slots…
And doing LQ tasks on an HQ time slot is a waste of time.

So this is the broad picture of how to manage your time effectively.

And as you see, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Everyone has a specific case with different variables.

And if this article made sense to you, you have 2 choices.

1- Trying to figure the answers to those questions out on your own

2- Getting some help.

And if you’d like my help to identify the right tasks and come up with an action plan, here’s the deal:

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Because working less is not a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL solution,
I need more information about you and your business.

On this call, you can show me exactly how your current workflow looks like and what you’re looking to achieve.

With this information,
I’ll be able to tailor a custom plan for you that you can implement on your own — or with my help if you’d like to.

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