Here’s Why You’re Struggling Taking Notes in Notion

“Notion-Fanboys” May Not Want to Hear This

Taking notes in notion
Image by Notion — Modifications by Author

Are you taking notes in Notion, and have the feeling of being on a slippy ground?
If yes, then read this article.

Before diving into it, a disclaimer (to all Notion-fanatics):
I don’t have anything against Notion — in fact, I think that the app solves a lot of pain points for many people.
I’m just saying that it is not a note-taking app.

Over the past months, I’ve seen a common pattern to note-taking.
Many people use Notion and complain about their notes:
They admit that their note-taking could be better.

My reply?
Not a wonder.

It’s not because Notion “sucks”; it’s simply because Notion is not a note-taking app.

You see, the problem we have nowadays is that we’re using the wrong tools to get the right job done.

There’s a myriad of tools out there.
But it’s up to you to choose the right one.

Let me explain:
For years (and sometimes still guilty about it) I used my email inbox as a to-do list. Works? Definitely. Is it the right way to do it? Not really.

Because your inbox is also cluttered with other stuff.
And while executing on that task you’ve just send to your productive-self via email… another “FAKE” URGENCY EMAIL pop’s in. You stop doing your task — and go down that rabbit hole.

What happens when you use your inbox as a to-do list (Image provided by Author)

Simply because you can use a given tool to make it work doesn’t mean it’s good practice doingso.

Picture this:
The fact that you can write on your wall using ketchup doesn’t mean that your wall (and the ketchup bottle) are the best tools for writing.
Using paper and a pen would probably be a wiser choice.

How to know what Notion (or any given tool) is for?

Instead of being caught in the frenzy of downloading every new app, use this simple trick:
Visit the tool’s website.
Take a deep breath.
Read the hero section.

By the time I’m writing this, here’s what I can see on Notion’s home:
“One workspace. Every team.”

Notion is not a note-taking app
Screenshot of Notion’s home — Modifications by Author

Note-taking mentioned anywhere?

Notion seems to be a workspace for teams in the first place.

Some might argue, “Yes, but you can create notes in Notion.”
My answer: Yes, you can. But… it may not be the best tool for your personal notes?
Meeting notes? Why not.

When using a tool, I refer to their founders.
Why did they create this tool? Who’s their target? What’s the problem they’re trying to resolve?

If the founders cannot articulate the purpose of their tool clearly on their homepage, we have a bigger problem.

I’m not saying that you couldn’t use Notion for other things than originally thought. What I’m saying is that if you use a “workspace-tool” to take notes — don’t blame Notion for not having a full-fledged offline mode.

Offline mode does not make any sense — in a workspace for teams, i.e : collaboration. Does collaboration happen offline? Not really. In order to collaborate, we need to be connected.

But when it comes to note-taking? You certainly want to be able to access your notes offline.

Setting up a note-taking system does require some thoughts upfront.
It implies not jumping into the “what’s-the-hottest-app” frenzy.

Do You Have a Feeling of Wasted Potential With Your Notes?

If you can relate to what I’ve described here, then I have something for you:
I’ve created a 7-day free email course called “How to take better notes”
This course will show you how to get on the right track and stop amassing notes without value…
The end goal is to show you how to finally unleash your full creative potential using your notes.
Best part? You can get it for free by clicking precisely here.(safe link to my website).



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