I’ve Wasted 10 Years on Taking Notes — Don’t Be Like Me

Can you relate?

Matt Giaro
2 min readFeb 10, 2022
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10 years.

This is the number of years I’ve been taking notes for my business.

I started with Evernote back in the days. But then, something happened.

The more notes I took, the messy it became.

Retrieving my notes was hard. Plus, I was way too busy consuming new information to be sure to don’t miss out on more “knowledge.”

I was adding more and more notes into my app without revisiting them.

I was just saving, saving, saving.

Then came another problem:
The more notes I had, the more I realized that classifying them just turned into a nightmare.

Because folders just don’t work to sort your ideas.

A specific note can be related to different projects... So what’s the solution? Copying the note into 12 different folders (and then having to modify all 12 of them down the road if modification was needed)?

Note-taking became more and more painful because I knew that if I had to open my app, I had to think where to classify it.

And as I was expecting to struggle — I simply procrastinated and avoided it!

Then, I stumbled across tag-focused apps like Bear.
Tags seemed to resolve all my problems.

But wait…
While it helped be classify things and retrieving things easier, I was still in front of the harsh truth:
I was not revisiting my notes.
I came to realize that taking notes is not just saving information.
Saving information is just the beginning of the work.

Unless I realized and embraced this premise, I would be doomed to failure.

This is why I’ve completely revisited my way of taking notes.

This new note-taking system will help you take action on your notes, spark creativity and finally help you make something meaningful out of your notes.

It’s what I explain in my FREE 7-Day Email Course called “How To Take Better Notes.” You can get access to this course for FREE by clicking here (safe link to my website)



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