How to Start Your Digital Zettelkasten Within The Next 30 Minutes

The 4 Easy Steps to Get Started, Learn Better, And Remember Everything You Read

Matt Giaro


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When it comes to note-taking, starting a digital Zettelkasten is the hot thing right now.

And for good.

Because it makes you become a better thinker, helps you get more done in less time, and boosts your creativity.

But here’s the issue:

A lot of people talking about the Zettelkasten like to make it complicated

And thus, many people get bogged down by the complexity of it and just keep taking notes the dumb way.

I don’t like complicated stuff.

So in this article, I will show you the 4 simple steps so that you can start your digital Zettelkasten right after reading this.

Because the earlier you get started, the better it is.

By the time I’m writing this, I started my own Zettelkasten 4 months ago

And here’s what it already looks like:

Digital Zettelkasten note clusters
Image provided by Author

This a Graph View of my Digital Zettelkasten showing you the connections between the notes. The bigger the dot, the more connection it has (more on that, later on!)

The good news?
I’m going to give you everything you need know to do to the same.

So let’s get started.

What is a Zettelkasten?

Before going into the meat, let’s just have a quick recap (or introduction) to the Zettelkasten note methodology.

Zettelkasten is german and literally means “slip-box”.

What does this slip-box contain?
Nothing else than… Notes!

Every note contains one big idea followed by some metadata (like mentioning the source and links to other relevant notes).

Even though the Zettelkasten wasn’t invented by the german sociologist Niklas Luhman, a lot give him credit…



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