How to Start Your Digital Zettelkasten (In 4 Simple Steps)

Discover the 4 Easy Steps to Get Started… Today!

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Digital Zettelkasten note clusters
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What is a Zettelkasten?

Niklas Luhman’s original Zettelkasten (Image Credits)

Why start a Digitalzettelkasten?

It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product.

Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.”

— David Ogilvy

The Problem with most digital Zettelkasten’s

Step 1: Where does the value of your digital Zettelkasten resides?

The quality of a note resides in its connections to others

Digital zettelkasten links our notes like synapses
Bidirectional linking: Synapses connect neurons between them — links connect our notes

Step 2: Understanding the difference between Fleeting notes vs Permanent notes

“Take a simple idea, and take it seriously.”

Understanding Fleeting notes

Digital Zettelkasten Quick capture

Understanding Permanent notes

Step 3: How to write a permanent note ?

One note = One idea

Isolate the idea from the context

The ideas in your Digital Zettelkasten are like LEGOs — they’re only waiting there to be “mixed and matched”!

Link between your notes

To link your notes, ask the right question

Step 4: Pick your Digital Zettelkasten Tool

✍️ Want to set up your own digital Zettelkasten?



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