Are You Making One of These 4 Note-taking Mistakes?

I’ll bet you’ll say “yes” to #4… (I certainly did!)

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I’ve been taking notes for a decade and made a ton of mistakes.
Today, I help content creators, entrepreneurs, and knowledge workers master the art of taking effective notes.
Over the past months, I came across a large spectrum of note-takers.

And do you know that?
Many people know that their note-taking could be better.
They have the feeling that there is a wasted potential…But, they are not 100% sure about it.
This is why I wanted to finger point 4 alarming signs in this short read.

If you find yourself saying “yes” to at least one of them, it might be time to level up your note-taking skills.

You can’t retrieve information in less than 15 seconds.

We’re busier than ever.
Our attention spans and patience thresholds are at critical lows.
And guess what? Your purpose in taking notes is to retrieve any given information on demand.
But most of us can’t.
Did you ever type a query in your note-app search bar and didn’t find what you were looking for?
Well, you’re not alone.
And let me tell you this:
If you can’t retrieve information quickly, you’re losing trust in your note-taking system every day.
Loosing trust in your notes will lead you to prefer a google search rather than a note-search.
If you can replace a note-search by a google search, than what’s the point of taking notes in the first place?
I’ll let you answer this question.

This is why I teach my clients to adopt a “find it in less than 15 seconds” rule. This should be a litmus test for your notes, too.
If you take more than 15 seconds to retrieve any bit of information, your note-taking system needs improvement without further thinking.

You Don’t remember if (or where) you stored a note

Do you use multiple note-taking apps?
Perhaps sending some notes to your email inbox?
And what about that Twitter thread or medium article you bookmarked?

Truth is, the more sources of information you have, the more crucial it becomes to manage them effectively.
So if you have a hard time remembering where you stored a specific bit of information, it’s time for you to seriously think about re-organizing your note-taking workflow.

You have a hard time classifying your notes

Folders, tags, or even links? What’s the best way to organize your notes? If you’ve been (over)thinking about the best way to classify your notes, you need a simple system to classify and organize your notes in a way that suits your needs.
Don’t underestimate this. A lack of organization can lead to clogged inboxes or stop taking notes at all — which is even worse.

You Never re-engage with your notes

Let’s face it: if you’re taking notes, it’s probably to re-engage with them in the future. May it be with interesting concepts you’ve come across in a book, an idea that sparked in your everyday life, or things you want to put into action.

But the truth is, if you’re not re-engaging with your notes, they are nothing else than digital clutter.
So you have to find a way to re-engage with your notes, for real.
This is certainly not the easiest thing to do, but it’s mandatory to start not amassing tons of notes and never re-engaging with them.

So if you want to see real-life improvement out of your notes, it’s time to re-engage with them.

Now comes the question:
Can you relate to at least one of the 4 signs mentioned above?

If Yes, Do You Want to Create A Better Note-Taking System?

If you can relate to what I’ve described here, then I have something for you:
I’ve Created a 7-Day Free Email Course Called “How to Take Better Notes”.
This course will show you how to get on the right track and stop amassing notes without value… to finally unleash your full potential.

The Best Part?
You Can Get It for Free by Clicking Here (Safe Link to My Website).



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