4 Strong Indicators You May Be a “Note-Taking Junkie”

I Bet You’ll Say “Yes” to #4

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Stop giving a lousy answer to this simple question

Over the past 3 months, I’ve read (and replied) to A LOT of emails.
(More than 965 and counting…) Those emails asked people “why” they take notes. And guess what? Most answers were a reflection of people not knowing their end goal.

Let me explain:
If you’re one of those who say that “I want to take notes not to forget” or “so that I can retrieve them later on,” you’re barely scratching the surface.

Let me give you an example:
I’m a Content Creator. Which means that I’m creating content. (Seems logical.)
If you think about content, it’s all about coming up and sharing ideas. But heck, I need a way to “generate” those ideas. Here’s where my notes come into play.
You see, it’s a much deeper answer than just “to retrieve them later on”.
Come on, we all take notes to retrieve them later on…

Stop the writing diarrhea

Do you write down A LOT of things? Have the feeling that everything is important? Well, this is a common pattern that needs to be fixed, too. Why? Because clogged note-taking apps are the new norm.
Yes, cloud storage is cheap, and saving is easy. But is this a blessing or a curse?
A curse if you just save and rarely re-engage.

I’ve seen people with 10k notes on their cloud storage not knowing what all those notes are about.

If you want to stop the “note congestion,” be more mindful about what to record and whatnot.

Instead of throwing notes into the black hole (which adds more and more creepiness to it), start to filter what’s important from what’s not.

I can’t teach you the skills in a simple medium article, but this is definitely something you should consider.

How to Start Taking Notes… Seriously!

Another big issue is that people think that taking notes is enough.
It makes them look cool in front of their friends, colleagues, or relatives.
“Look how smart I am — I’m taking notes!”
You have to overcome your ego flattery and start looking at the truth: If your notes are a mess, it’s your fault.

Why’s that the case?
Because taking notes needs to be thought of upfront.
You see, if you want to build a house, you don’t start digging with the bagger.
You think about it, map it out, check the soil, choose the right materials, etc.

The same goes for your notes.
If you never took the time to think about a system that empowers you to achieve your goal (remember, question number #1?), don’t be astonished by the lousiness of your results.
But again, since most people don’t have a clear goal, it’s the snake biting its tail..

Enough said.
Are you here to change?
The good news is that this CAN change. Today.

Do You Want to Create A Better Note-Taking System?

If you can relate to what I’ve described here, then I have something for you:
I’ve Created a 7-Day Free Email Course Called “How to Take Better Notes”.
This course will show you how to get on the right track and stop amassing notes without value… to finally unleash your full potential.



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Helping experts and creators attract more clients by creating better content, faster. Check out 👉